Evening menu

Starter + Main Course Main Course + Dessert Menu (Starter + Main Course+ Dessert) Complete  Menu (Starter + Main + Cheese + Dessert)
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Starter Main Course
Cheese & dessert
€15 €23 €6

Homemade Duck « Foie gras », Autumn Chutney, Toast (extra 5€)
Parmigianno Tart, Artichoke Cream, Duck Breast Smoked
Salmon Gravlax , Thaï Salad
Tuna Tataki with 2 Sesames
Provencal Tomatoes & Mozzarella di Buffala, Basil Oil
Perfect Egg, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Autumn Truffle (Extra 5€)

Beef Fillet, Mushroom Sauce, Little Potaotes & Vegetables of the Day (Extra 5€)
Seabass Fish Fillet, Spinach & Black rice
Sea Bream Fish Fillet, Parmigianno Risotto, Fennel
Veggie Plate (Assortment of Vegetables & Starchy Food))
Beef Tartare, Raw or Fried, French Fries & Lettuce
Beef Carpaccio, Parmigianno, Pesto, French Fries & Lettuce
Pork Rib’s Confit, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Spaghetti, BBQ Sauce
Roasted Scallops, Parmigianno Risotto & Autumn Truffle (Extra 5€)
Beef Prime Rib (About 1kg), French Fries, Vegetables & Mushroom Sauce 78€

 Comté Affinated, Camembert & Goat Cheese, Saint-Marcellin Mature (Extra 2€)

Dessert of the day
Ice Cream Sorbet Trilogy : Strawberry, Lime & Pear
Pavlova, Exotic Fruits
Red Fruits Cheesecake
Our Tiramisu with Speculoos (Belgian Biscuit with Cinnamon)
Café Gourmand : Assortiment of 5 Little Desserts (extra 2€)
Thé Gourmand : Assortment of 5 Little Desserts (extra 3€)
La Coupe du Colonel : Ice Cream Sorbet & Vodka (extra 2€)
La Coupe Iceberg : Mint Chocolate Ice Cream & Get 27 (extra 2€) 
Entremet with 2 chocolates (Dark & Milk)